A "compact" for telemedicine licensing moves forward

Jeff Rowe
A "compact" for telemedicine licensing moves forward
Many uses of new IT rely primarily on stakeholders purchasing and implementing new systems.  With telemedicine, however, the path forward has a few more corners to turn. 
For example, doctors who want to practice medicine telephonically generally need to be licensed to practice in more than one state, and to that end, the Federation of State Medical Boards has been working on a compact that “would allow physicians applying for a state medical license to put down where else they want to practice, and participating states would issue licenses expeditiously if eligibility criteria were met.” 
Five states, “including Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, and West Virginia have adopted the compact . . . and it is pending in 11 other states. Seven states need to adopt the compact for it to become formally effective.” While the compact has broad support, it is still a work in progress, as some industry stakeholders it should go further in facilitating physician multi-state licensing.

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