Expert: information managers need to stay on top of remote data collection

Jeff Rowe
Expert: information managers need to stay on top of remote data collection

“A connected health device continuously gathering and transmitting patient health data over the internet is a ticking time bomb when it comes to data security.”

That’s according to Kapila Monga, associate director of healthcare analytics at Cognizant Technology Solutions, who, writing recently in the Journal of AHIMA, points to five key areas health information management professionals need to focus on to optimize the integration of remote device data with electronic health records.

Among them:

Information Integrity:  HIM professionals need to be able to decipher if, where, and how information from remote devices enters an EHR system, she says. Given their place in the health information management cycle, HIM professionals “have a critical role to play in ensuring the value of EHR can tangibly be improved by remote health data without compromising the integrity of the EHR.”

Information usage: While the connected health devices will transmit information to the provider systems almost on a 24/7 basis, she says, “HIM professionals will likely be the gatekeepers who will receive this remote health information, and hence would have an important role to play in defining how this information gets used, and the associated protocols.”

Information Governance: Given the constant evolution of the remote data landscape, Monga argues, “it is critical for HIM professionals to continuously update themselves on the legalities surrounding the usage of data, as well as on reimbursements to provider systems for providing and monitoring care using this technology.”

Managing confidentiality and the lifecycle data round out her list of top considerations for HIM professionals when it comes to the ongoing spread of remote monitoring and data collection.


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