New app helps surgery patients follow post-op instructions

Jeff Rowe
New app helps surgery patients follow post-op instructions

Follow the doctor’s orders after a major surgery and the chances are you’ll find yourself moving down the path to healing.  But how do you remember the doctor’s orders?

Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center has introduced a new app, called SeamlessMD, that “prompts, monitors, and encourages activities that promote healing.”

The app which is downloadable via phone, tablet, and computer, prompts patients to remind them about any instructions from their surgeon.

“We already had determined that we wanted to provide our patients with the benefits of enhanced recovery protocols, and we had implemented ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery protocols) in several surgical areas,” explained Anthony Perry, MD, the vice president for ambulatory care and population health at Rush. “Finding an app that supported that commitment was a nice potential marriage. It’s not only a neat technology, but a neat technology that’s truly aligned with our own goals of better health for those patients coming through the ERAS process.”

He pointed out that patients have received the same information for years in other forms, but having it available on their phones makes a difference. “There’s a bridge that a smartphone gives us into a person’s everyday life that we don’t have when they come visit us in the office,” he said, adding that the key to the success of ERAS lies in providing information in a way that’s convenient for patients.